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space02.com launched - get your last minute Xmas gifts!

Get your Christmas gifts

We have just gone live with space02.com. Space02 sells virtual gifts with a difference - you can claim any spot on the earth and turn it into your own microsite. From the “Gift a Space” page:

space02.com opens up an an amazing array of original gift opportunities. You can give the lucky recipient literally anywhere in the world. How about giving your primary school buddy the sandpit where you first played with trucks, or your first treehouse - or the first bar you ever visited?

And of course for the special someone in your life you can give a gift that will instantly rekindle fond memories - the location of your first kiss, the palm trees on your first shared holiday, the beach where you watched the sun go down togther.

And finally, don’t forget the amazing opportunity here to give joke presents! Did you find somewhere amusing on Google Maps? Give it to a friend! Was your friend the victim of an extremely funny practical joke in a certain location? Give it to them! The sky really is the limit.

Help me test!

The site is brand new, and is sure to have lots of things that need tweaking and improving. So I’d be very grateful if all you web-developers who subscribe to my feed could check it out any let me know what you find: leon@aciddrop.com

Many thanks and have a great Christmas!

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OnlyAccount.com private Beta launches

First off, apologies to everyone who has commented here in the last month. I have been completely ignoring the blog, due to working 24/7 on a new web application called OnlyAccount.com. It’s a social bookmarking app that allows you to bookmark across multiple sites and multiple accounts from a single submission form. If you do lots of social bookmarking, it can save you an incredible amount of time.

How it Works

It’s currently in closed Beta but if you add your name to the queue there are test places available, so you should get in: http://OnlyAccount.com

I’m now going to go and catch up on the comments I missed.

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Bravado Promotions rebuild live - March 2007

Bravado Promotions wanted changes to their homepage - a horrible Flash-based editing nightmare. So I convinced them to move to much more search engine friendly and updateable HTML and JavaScript based site. Actually, this was way more work for me, but definitely more fun.

And they also wanted a stock control system for themselves and their clients. This would allow then to manage all their stock, and assign certain stock to certain clients. Their clients would have their own login to the system, and be able to make withdrawals. A complicated system, and they wanted it yesterday.

The Bravado Promotions Stock Control System

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Dot-gap.com rebuild live - October 2006

The brief for Dot-gap was to take their search-engine unfriendly, un-content-manageable Flash heavy website and rebuild it. The result was a site almost indistinguishable from the full-Flash original, but with much more flexibility and a full back end content management system. The expanding nav system was particularly fun/time-consuming/frustrating to build - all worth it though for the joy of watching it in action ;-)

You can check the site out here: Dot-gap.com

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Carat Singledom microsite - Jan 2006

In January 2006 Carat asked for an update to their Project Britain microsite, this time taking up the theme of singledom. I was happy to dust of my copy of Flash and serve up some more animations. I was particularly happy with the animation for “Segmenting Singletons” which I produced with just my digital camera, a satsuma and a copy of Adobe After Effects.


Segmenting Singletons

Want to see the satsuma segments move? You can check it out here: Carat Singledom Microsite

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Lavery Kirby Gilmartin - Corporate Brochure Site - Oct 2005

Actually quite relaxing after the launch of simplifydiy.com was a corporate brochure site for the lawyers Lavery Kirby Gilmartin. The site is online here, pretty much unchanged from when it launched: http://www.laverykirby.ie

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simplifydiy.com launches - October 2005

After 9 months in development the simplifydiy.com site finally launches. A simply huge site, with some incredible functionality and fantastic original content, it was (and still is) great fun to work on.

Again, this was a big milestone for me with lots of new technical achievements (Javascript and AJAX being the foremost) and an extensive backend management system. Not to mention designing the logo.

Go check out the site. Browse through the content, search for a plumber near you, add yourself to the directory. It’s fun!

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Carat Project Britain microsite - October 2004

Another chance for me to flex my designer muscle here, this time in Flash. I even got to do a bit of 3D in animating the Project Britain camera man across the screen. The graffiti wall is actually from a photo I took in Barcelona, with the Project Britain logo cunningly photoshoped over.

The Project Britain Camera Man

Carat Project Britain

The site is still online today so you can check it out here: Project Bitain - a microsite for Carat

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The mighty Pitch Invasion backend system online - Oct 2003

Following the success of their site redesign, Pitch Invasion asked me to move all their administrative function into a private backend system. This would allow them to manage all their league fixtures, results, payments, players, teams and a myriad of other details via a central system. Quite a task, but completed more-or-less on schedule in October 2003.

No screenshots for this one, but I wanted to include it in the archive nonetheless as it was quite a milestone for me.

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Carat Roost - Defining the new home. September 2003.

I was very pleased as a fresh young designer to get to work on a microsite for Carat. Not only was it the biggest company I had yet (and since, actually) worked for, it was also an opportunity to shine design-wise. They wanted something slick and sexy. Something design-y. Obviously, I was pleased to deliver.

It had to look cool

The Carat Roost introduction page

The internet archive has a reasonable copy here: Carat Roost in 2003 In order to get images, you'll have to paste this javascript snippet into the location bar (where the URL goes) and hit enter:

javascript:doAciddropReplace = function() { var aciddrop = {};aciddrop.replace = [['img','src'],['link','href']];for(i=0;i<aciddrop.replace.length;i++) { aciddrop.tags = document.getElementsByTagName(aciddrop.replace[i][0]); for(j=0;j<aciddrop.tags.length;j++) { aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]] = aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]].replace(sWayBackCGI+'http://www.carat-roost.co.uk/',"http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/archive/carat/roost/"); } }; return; }; doAciddropReplace();

Looking back over this, I bet Carat wish they had got me to do their current site too (re-designed 2007).

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