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durham21.co.uk launches - October 2000

The Original durham21 logoYou never forget your first website. Like your first moments wobbling on a bike, those first steps in standards un-compliant Netscape 4 compatible HTML are forever engraved on your memory. durham21.co.uk - launched to unsuspecting durham students in late 2000 - was that first website for me. It was a great success, earning a year later the highest accolade in student media, the NUS Independent Student Media award (for best website). Since then, it’s been left to succeeding durham students and has gone from strength to strength, picking up to this date 4 more awards. It now has nearly 10,000 pages indexed by Google.

The links

A copy of the About Us page from October 2001
(I sweated blood on that sweet logo design. No, it’s the cathedral).
The current site, featuring handsome young award winners in 2001
All those pages in Google if you fancy a lengthy read


As a special treat for durham21 nostalgists, here are some previously unreleased images:

Some early logo ideas

early durham21 logo ideas

Part of the very first left bar


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