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space02.com launched - get your last minute Xmas gifts!

Get your Christmas gifts

We have just gone live with space02.com. Space02 sells virtual gifts with a difference - you can claim any spot on the earth and turn it into your own microsite. From the “Gift a Space” page:

space02.com opens up an an amazing array of original gift opportunities. You can give the lucky recipient literally anywhere in the world. How about giving your primary school buddy the sandpit where you first played with trucks, or your first treehouse - or the first bar you ever visited?

And of course for the special someone in your life you can give a gift that will instantly rekindle fond memories - the location of your first kiss, the palm trees on your first shared holiday, the beach where you watched the sun go down togther.

And finally, don’t forget the amazing opportunity here to give joke presents! Did you find somewhere amusing on Google Maps? Give it to a friend! Was your friend the victim of an extremely funny practical joke in a certain location? Give it to them! The sky really is the limit.

Help me test!

The site is brand new, and is sure to have lots of things that need tweaking and improving. So I’d be very grateful if all you web-developers who subscribe to my feed could check it out any let me know what you find: leon@aciddrop.com

Many thanks and have a great Christmas!

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