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PHP Speedy WP Version 0.4.7 - Works with WP2.6

Just a quickie - a new version of PHP Speedy WP that works with Wordpress 2.6. Full credit for this goes to Kaspars of http://konstruktors.com/blog who sent me through a patch. It was great - I didn’t even have to look at the 2.6 code to work out what the problem was. Thanks Kaspars!

Download: PHP Speedy WP 0.4.7

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just an FYI… PHP Speedy WP 0.4.7 needs changes to be compatible with Wordpress 2.7. When testing the plugin with WP 2.7beta1, PHP Speedy doesn’t detect any javascript files.

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Hi, just upgraded to WP 2.7 but php Speedy isnt combatible as Anish said

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I ve just saw the link to the latest release and it works. So please delete both my comments. I d also suggest that a single page with updates info would be a lot easier to follow. Thx 4 that useful plugin.

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