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Stylize your digg count - and watch your traffic skyrocket

There’s no doubt that digg can provide an emourmous boost to your traffic. It’s great for ‘new’ articles and blog posts to give them a big rush of initial popularity. But it’s also useful for older articles - if you can keep the digg count ticking over, then you might have a shot at some of the long-term popular lists.

So, with this in mind, I wrote an article on how to display digg counts (like in the image above). It goes into some detail about how to retrieve the counts in PHP and via AJAX. And there’s full source-code as ever.

The article is a guest post over at Stylized Web - so head over there now to read it! Here’s the link:

Please ask any questions you may have here so I don’t keep having to head over there to check :-)

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