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Recommended upgrade: PHP Speedy WP 0.4.4

Just a quick informational post for those of you using the PHP Speedy Wordpress plugin. Version 0.4.4 is now available from here: http://aciddrop.com/2008/03/22/php-speedy-wordpress-plugin-version-04/

This is a recommended upgrade (versions 0.4-0.4.2 had a couple of bugs which could end up displaying an error message rather than your page output under certain conditions).

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PHP Speedy Wordpress Plugin Version 0.4

Isn't Easter great? Some quality time off work to spend with family and friends. Or, alternatively, to sit at your PC and work on a Wordpress plugin. I think you'll be able to guess from this release which option I chose.

The big feature of this release (0.4) is that PHP Speedy will now handle standard JavaScript libraries. Previous releases suffered from problems when a plugin used a JavaScript library such as Prototype/Scriptaculous. Also, I have noticed that some plugins include their libraries directly, which means that if more than one plugin calls the same library it is included (and downloaded by the user) more than once. For fun, I tested this out.

Too Many Includes

This is what can happen. A 8.4 second download of 576KB!

With PHP Speedy turned on and handling the libraries this what happens:

Correct Amount of Includes

I thought that was quite funny.


The plugin is a standard Wordpress plugin install - just copy the entire php_speedy_wp folder into your Wordpress plugins folder. Activate the plugin via the "Plugins" menu, then go to Options -> PHP Speedy.

You should then:-

  • Configure PHP Speedy as you see fit, and click the "Set Options" button at the bottom on the configure screen
  • Test the configuration
  • Finally, activate PHP Speedy on its own activation screen. This is separate from the WP Plugin activation.


You can download PHP Speedy WP Wordpress Plugin here: PHP Speedy WP 0.4.7


0.1 - Initial Release
0.2 - Fixed bug in ignore (thanks Jeromy)
0.2.1 - Changed control of when plugin loads
- Fixed problem with space on ignore list
0.2.2 - Really fixed bug in ignore (thanks Steve)
0.3 - Added write of debugging info
- Now works on more pages
0.4 - Added Speedy handling of plugin libraries
- Wordpress exclusively handles gzipping
- Compressed files now appear first in document
- Fixed bug in debugging info write
- Made compressed files include at start of head
0.4.1 - Doesn't die if WP_Scripts class not present
0.4.2 - Fixed bug if no css or js in head
0.4.3 - Fixed is_* functions for all versions
0.4.4 - Fixed display for trackbacks (thanks Steve)
0.4.5 - Added check for empty POST array (thanks Jeromy)
0.4.6 - Updated test page to show use of PHP Speedy standalone
0.4.7 - Updated for WP 2.6

Having problems?

  • If it seems PHP Speedy has had no effect at all
    If you view your source code, and it looks exactly the same as it did before you activated Speedy please try the following:

    • First, make sure you really did activate Speedy. Make sure you click the 'Activation' button in Options | PHP Speedy | Activate.
    • Look in the cache directory in the PHP Speedy plugin folder. If there is a text file called 'debugging_info.txt' please email it to me (leon at aciddrop.com). Please include the version of Wordpress you are using and the URL of the site (is it's public).
  • If PHP Speedy breaks a plugin
    If another plugin stops working please try the following:

    • Set the PHP Speedy configuration to use any standard JavaScript libraries that are in use by your plugin.
    • Try adding to the ignore list in PHP speedy all the .js files that your plugin uses. If you don't know what these files are, search the plugin's directory for .js files.
    • Let me know in the comments whether this worked or not (in either case).
  • If PHP Speedy breaks something else
    • Turn off PHP Speedy. View the source of your page and save it to a text file.
    • Turn on PHP Speedy. View the source of your page and save it to a text file.
    • Email me (leon at aciddrop.com) a description of the problem, both text files and the contents of the cache folder in the PHP Speedy plugin directory.

Known issue with wp-cache/WP Super Cache

I managed to do some proper testing with PHP Speedy WP and wp-cache and WP Super Cache. With all the buffer functions going on, the plugins get confused. I found that this could be fixed by amending the wp-cache-phase2.php file in the wp-cache/wp-super-cache directory. Just find the line that says: if ($new_cache) { and add this before it:

global $cache_filename;
$mtime = @filemtime($cache_path . $cache_filename);
if( !((!$file_expired && $mtime) || ($mtime && $file_expired && (time() - $mtime) <5)) ) {
$new_cache = true;

PHP Speedy WP should then work with the caching plugins.

What's to come?

The eventual plan is to automatically improve all elements that could be slowing down your page (and causing that terrible Y-Slow rating). Next on the list are document images and CSS background images - so make sure you subscribe to my blog to be the first to find out about new updates.

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PHP Speedy Wordpress Plugin - Preview Release

Please see here for the latest version of this plugin: http://aciddrop.com/2008/03/22/php-speedy-wordpress-plugin-version-04/

All comments should be added on this new page. Thanks!

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