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Wordpress Plugin: custom page slugs with custom content

Custom Slug Custom Page

I'm still working hard on the Wordpress Plugin for PHP Speedy, but have taken a moment out to write a plugin for Jon Warass of http://www.jonwaraas.com. He needed to be able to display ads from the OIOPublisher system across his non-Wordpress sites. But OIOPublisher is Wordpress only, leaving him with a problem: how to port the publisher system to his other sites?

The solution we came up with was to create a plugin for Wordpress to allow the user to:

  • Create a custom page slug
  • Fill that page with whatever content they wish, including PHP, with full access to the Wordpress and Plugin architecture.

All we then had to do was create a custom page, and fill it with the OIOPublisher ads, directly using the OIO code. These custom pages could then be included via iframe on his other sites.

Jon has generously agreed to make this plugin available to everyone on a GPL licence.


You can download it here: Custom Pub Page Plugin; custom slugs with custom content

Install instructions

  • Install the plugin in your Wordpress install
  • You should have a new option in "Options" called "Custom Page", click it
  • Click "New Page" in the sub menu enter the slug you want for the page (the url), and the content.
  • Click submit, and then the new page should be available in the Manage sub-menu, together with the link to the page
  • You can create as many custom pages as you like


Here is a demo, running the code below: http://aciddrop.com/custom-slug-this-is-one-great-slug

hello this is a test
echo "Want to see my archives?<br>";

As usual, hit me with bugs/feedback/suggestions etc!

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there is a bug :)
if blog is not installed in domain root, then links in admin side does not work properly.

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Thanks Atoms - I've fixed the bug. Please download the latest version (0.3)

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