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Carat Roost - Defining the new home. September 2003.

I was very pleased as a fresh young designer to get to work on a microsite for Carat. Not only was it the biggest company I had yet (and since, actually) worked for, it was also an opportunity to shine design-wise. They wanted something slick and sexy. Something design-y. Obviously, I was pleased to deliver.

It had to look cool

The Carat Roost introduction page

The internet archive has a reasonable copy here: Carat Roost in 2003 In order to get images, you'll have to paste this javascript snippet into the location bar (where the URL goes) and hit enter:

javascript:doAciddropReplace = function() { var aciddrop = {};aciddrop.replace = [['img','src'],['link','href']];for(i=0;i<aciddrop.replace.length;i++) { aciddrop.tags = document.getElementsByTagName(aciddrop.replace[i][0]); for(j=0;j<aciddrop.tags.length;j++) { aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]] = aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]].replace(sWayBackCGI+'http://www.carat-roost.co.uk/',"http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/archive/carat/roost/"); } }; return; }; doAciddropReplace();

Looking back over this, I bet Carat wish they had got me to do their current site too (re-designed 2007).

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