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Pitchinvasion.com rebuild launches - March 2003

The new face of Pitch Invasion - arriving in March 2003 - was my first solo project as a freelancer. I massively underestimated the amount of time it would take me. Actually, I still do that, but with little personal experience of the web designers best friend - project creep - I got it massively wrong back then. Still, Pitch Invasion got a good deal and were happy.

The internet archive has a decent copy of the site as it was in 2003. They haven't stored the CSS and images though. However, if you paste this cunningly crafted bit of Javascript in the browser location bar (where you type the URL) and hit enter, then all should be OK.

javascript:doAciddropReplace = function() { var aciddrop = {};aciddrop.replace = [['img','src'],['link','href']];for(i=0;i<aciddrop.replace.length;i++) { aciddrop.tags = document.getElementsByTagName(aciddrop.replace[i][0]); for(j=0;j<aciddrop.tags.length;j++) { aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]] = aciddrop.tags[j][aciddrop.replace[i][1]].replace(sWayBackCGI,""); } }; return; }; doAciddropReplace();

The link is here: Pitch Invasion back in March 2003

The Pitch Invasion website logo in 2003

The Logo in 2003

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